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22 de Abril de 2018
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Conferência no AHU: Mudança de padrões de consumo, economia política dos impérios e apropriação cultural do chocolate no séc. XVIII


 VII Ciclo de Conferências Ciência nos Trópicos

Conferência: Mudança de padrões de consumo, economia política dos impérios e apropriação cultural do chocolate no séc. XVIII. Uma perspectiva transnacional (Changing Consuming Patterns, Imperial Political Economies and Chocolate's Cultural Appropriation in the 18th century. A Transnacional Perspective)
17 de Outubro, pelas 17.30 horas
Conferencista: Irene Fattacciu (Department of History and Civilization, European Univ. Institut)
Comentário: Eugénia Rodrigues (IICT - Centro de História)
 Colecção de postais, AHU.
Colecção de postais, AHU.
In this talk Irene Fattacciu will address the importance of the cultural, social and power relationships within Europe to understand the terms of appropriation of exotic goods, as well as the role of this process in defining different identities within Europe. By focusing on stimulant beverages (chocolate, tea and coffee) and in particular on chocolate in a comparative dimension, it emerged how the Spanish court’s appropriation of chocolate was not just carried out as part of the metropolis-colony dynamic, but also within the larger picture of Spain’s role as mediator between the Old and New Worlds. The essential premise for these products’ incredible success was the fragmentation of modes and motivation of consumption, paralleled by the emergence of competing culinary traditions (and productions) within Europe, often shaped by the different imperial political economies. The emergence of new consumers both reflected and fueled the diffusion of new symbolic associations, which characterized the process of appropriation both culturally and socially.
Irene Fattacciu earned her Ph.D. in History from the European University Institute (Florence) in 2011, with a research focusing on the history of cacao and chocolate in the Atlantic in the 18th century (covering more in particular the circuits of distribution and consumption in Spain). She has worked mainly in the field of social and cultural history, focusing on the history of the Spanish Empire during the early modern period, and her main field of expertise is the circulation of goods and ideas between Europe and the Portuguese/Spanish colonies (17th -19th century). She has published regularly in peer-reviewed journals and participated at international conferences and networks. At present she is Vasco da Gama Fellow at the Eui, where she is conducting a Postdoc research on the relations and reciprocal influences between the Spanish and Portuguese empires as concerning the fostering of exotic staples consumption and their transplant to Africa.
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