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13 de Dezembro de 2018
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In the decade of 50, the Commission of Studies on Phytossanitary Defence of the Agricultural and Forest Products of Overseas Origin was created, to study the damages caused insect in stored peanut in the Guinea.
Since then the activity of R&D has accompanied the evolution. The Center of Integrated Pest Management on Stored Products (PIPA) intends to contribute for the eradication of the famine, the environmental sustainability and the promotion of a global partnership for the development.
Currently the group has developed studies in the scope:
  • Storage Ecosystem;
  • Storage Engineering;
  • Bioecologia of insects and fungi;
  • Methods of prevention during the storage, transportation and transformation
  • Alternative control methods less harmful than chemical methods  for the consumer and environment: biological, biotechnological, physical (controlled and modified atmospheres; heat), and plants extracts.
Also PIPA has come to cooperate with the private institutions, to become accessible the benefits of the new technologies; to co-ordinate an Eureka network project on stored rice protection; to organize seminaries, workshops and the 10th International Conference on Stored Product Protection to carry in 2010.
Key-Words: Stored product, integrated pest management, entomology, mycology, control methods

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