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13 de Dezembro de 2018
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Principais Publicações
  • Cold impact on photosynthesis in Coffea spp. genotypes - Photosystems sensitivity, photoprotective mechanisms and gene expression
    Batista-Santos P., Lidon F.C., Fortunato A., Leitão A.E., Lopes E., Partelli F., Ribeiro A.I., Ramalho J.C / 2011
    Journal of Plant Physiology (in press).
  • Biochemical and Molecular Characterization of the Antioxidative System of Coffea sp. Under Cold Conditions in Genotypes with Contrasting Tolerance
    Fortunato A., Lidon F.C., Batista-Santos P., Leitão A.E., Pais I.P., Ribeiro A.I., Ramalho J.C. / 2010
    Journal of Plant Physiology, 167: 333-342.
  • Characterization of four defense-related genes up-regulated in root nodules of Casuarina glauca.
    Santos P., Fortunato A., Graça I., Martins S., Gouveia M., Auguy F., Bogusz D., Ricardo C.P.P., Pawlowski K., Ribeiro A. / 2010
    Symbiosis, 50: 27-35
  • Effect of enzymatic reactions on texture of fruits and vegetables
    Goulão L.F., Almeida D.P., Oliveira C.M. / 2010
    In: Enzymes in Fruit and Vegetable Processing: Chemistry and Engineering Applications (Ed.: A. Bayindirli). CRC Press, USA. pp. 71-122
  • Ethnobotanical survey in Canhane village, district of Massingir, Mozambique: medicinal plants and traditional knowledge
    Ribeiro A., Romeiras M.M., Duarte M.C., Faria T. / 2010
    Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine (in press).
  • Pectin de-esterification and fruit softening: revisiting a classical hypothesis
    Goulão L.F. / 2010
    Stewart Postharvest Review, 6: 1-12.
  • Phytogeographical origin of Madeiran common beans based on phaseolin patterns
    Silva E.M., Correia A.S., Lopes N.A., Nóbrega H.G., Ganança J.F., Domingues A.M., Khadem M., Slaski J.J., Carvalho M.A. / 2010
    Pesquisa Agropecuária Brasileira, 45(8): 863-871
  • Population structure and genetic diversity of wild Helianthus species from Mozambique
    Ribeiro A., Gouveia M., Bessa A., Ferreira A., Magumisse A.T., Manjate M., Faria T. / 2010
    Russian Journal of Genetics, 46 (8): 967-965.
  • Structure at 1.0 A resolution of a high-potential iron-sulfur protein involved in the aerobic respiratory chain of Rhodothermus marinus
    Melo A.M.P., Stelter M., Hreggvidsson S., Saraiva L.M., Teixeira M., Archer M. / 2010
    Journal of Biology and Inorganic Chemistry, 15(3): 303-313.
  • Supramolecular organizations in the aerobic respiratory chain of Escherichia coli
    Sousa P., Silva S., Hood B., Charro N., Carita J., Vaz F., Penque D., Conrads T., Melo A.M.P. / 2010
    Biochimie (in press)
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